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However,you do not always get what you pay for. Sometimes you pay a lot of $$$ for poorly made garments.

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I used to fantasize that there was a fit model with exactly my measurements, and this person would let me know when she had modeled for some great clothes.

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I love to get a deal, but I hate to shop. I’d rather stab myself than rummage through the racks at TJMaxx. I’m plus size so I just expect things to cost more. I live a casual lifestyle but still like to dress well. I don’t like cheap things that only wear through one or two seasons.

Everything isn’t for everyone.
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Re: Price point question.

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I do not pay full price for any clothing.  Whatever it is, it will eventually go on sale and if it sells out, no big deal.  I do not believe that you always get what you pay for and I don't like overpaying for an item.



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I am right there with you on bargain shopping.  Or coupon using!  But, I used to be very particular with eyeglasses---not so much anymore.  One, I tried Warby Parker ---$295 for progressive with $100 extra for transition.  I have 3 pairs from them ---- all are great and just as comfortable and prescription worthy as my $600 up!  And, I have purchased from Paynes Glasses online --- they were very very good---prescription wise--frames may not last as long---but I love to change mine up anyway.  I now have a glasses fetish and have quite a few pairs.  I am blessed my script has hardly changed in years--mostly just the reader part.   In fact, my very favorite sunglasses are from Payne.  Just a thought if anyone wants to check into those!

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Most of the people in this country don't remember buying something only when you needed it or had to have it.  That was what buying was all about, and needs, not wants, were the priority.  


I think "need" may be the determining factor again for many of us here in the coming years.  

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During Covid I occupied myself for hours with Lunchtime Specials.  Now I have so many clothes I just don't have the space for more.  I only weaken occasionally.