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Can someone explain how these help the wk pants. I do remember them growing. I don't like wearing tights under pants as someone suggested.

I checked Amazon and the Vermont County Store and saw the same pair.They were nylon. Would the Jockey item work; they don't seem long enough. Don't want to procrastinate.

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I like pant liners for some unlined pants. Besides helping the pants drape more nicely, they are great under thin pants. You don't see the panty lines and other "curves" of the body as much with pant liners. Also, under thin pants (especially white pants), they provide an extra safety net so that you do not see through the fabric.

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I love pant liners, and wear them under thin linen pants if needed in summer, or under wool pants in winter. In summer I can't wear them if the temp is much above 85.

However, I too wish they come in some fabric other than nylon. I've been searching for years. Even had some tailored in cotton when I traveled to a place that has tailors at every street corner.

But fortunately I just recently spotted a pricey new garment in WinterSilks made of spunsilk.( I bet it feels delicious against the skin in winter.) It's actually a pant-liner shape and not the legging-type long underwear they sell. I'm going to try it out this winter- they're about $35 each but they make such a difference and they extend the life of the pants, so that's how I'll justify my investment.Won't need more than two to begin with; I imagine that like the nylon, they're superlight, incredibly easy to wash in the shower & fast-drying

I can't post the link except in big giant letters! But the catalog is The garment is called "ladies' long underwear pant in lightweight spunsilk."

I've been able to find cotton slips by searching on ebay- no such luck with pant liners.

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HI Lavendar...I am the original poster, in reference to pant liners, when WK pants were offered before. Most pants used to be lined and then that went away for some reason and then your high end stores offered pant liners (I have St Johns and Hanky Panky). What real pant liners do is keep the pants from clinging to the knees and booty. You don't get "knees" or "saggy booty" because the liner take the stress away from the outer fabric. Pant liners on straight or wider leg pants should not be tight (defeats the purpose). You want the pant liners to move the outer fabric away from the body. Actually, think of them as being "slips" for legs. Full skirts/full lining; fitted skirt/fitted lining. Same with pant liners. I mentioned I have straight leg silk PJ's that work great because they are light but take the stress off of knit knees and booty. My original ones are make out of mesh and cut on the bias. This not for warmth. Long Johns and leggings don't do the same function. WK's lay so much nicer with liners. I did order the one's from Amazon some one mentioned last time (they have lace on the bottom) and they are pretty good.

Someone on the Q should make these. On the bias, in a light weight breathable material. I have black, nude and white.

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Ever since I started wearing knit pants, I've worn pants liners. JCP used to be my source, but they stopped carrying them a couple of years ago when the store changed their focus.

LandsEnd carries silk and thermaskin pants liners - not in catalog at moment. But they tell me they will be back in the fall. They also have tops that are great for layering. They are a fine silk fiber knit. In the past, they came in several colors.

The liners are really a must-have under knits. The pants fit and look so much better with a liner.

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L.L. Bean has two silk versions now.

Women's Silk Underwear, Pants

In white and black.

Silk Pointelle, Pants

In white, pink, and black.

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wintersilks dot com ! ! !

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Thank you. The LL Bean ones look too fitted for the wk pants. I used to wear them skiing. Are the LE's fitted also? Sounds like a good idea and I wouldn't mind the warmth. Some people on Amazon complained about them being baggy.

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Sorry for the repeat. I don't know what size to order in the nylon Amazon ones. I wear a S or 8 in Linea pants, 10 in B$M. I'm 5ft 2in and weigh 135. Curvy: 28'' waist, 38" hips.

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Could Happy Lady provide a item # for the Amazon Pant Liners. I am having a difficult time imagining these full ones under pants. They look like Bloomers to me.