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I am short and I think skinny jeans look terrible on me, so I do agree that it depends on body type.  That said, I do not care what is in or out of style.

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Sigh, skinny jeans aren't going anywhere.  If I want to wear leggings, I'll wear them, but I don't want my jeans to look so skin tight, they're basically just stretchy, thicker leggings.


I'm not sure how the skinnies became so popular. They're not the most flattering for many figures, including mine. Straight leg all the way for me, whether they're in, or not. 

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And what am I suppose to wear with my knee-high boots?? Sure not going to cover them up with flares. That would be a waste of some good-looking boots. Long live the skinnys!

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It's all about PROPORTION...everyone needs a full-length mirror.

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@SilleeMee  I'm jealous. I've a feeling you can rock the look Woman Wink, so I hope you'll always be able to find the perfect skinny jean, or leggings. 

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I have been wearing skinny pants since I was quite young.  I really like the stretchy material in pants nowadays, because I always used to rip my pants or pop a button if I did too many wild dance movements.  They may not be for everybody, but I like the way my legs look, and skinny pants work well with all shoes and boots.


I think tunics have been in style forever, and will probably ALWAYS be in style.


QVC prices are quite low compared to stores like Saks and N-M,  which feature more "in-style" clothes than people can imagine.  Of course, many of those fashion clothes are quite unwearable. 


I enjoy my QVC collection!

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Of course, many of those fashion clothes are quite unwearable. 


"Unwearable for you?"  I understand. I like a lot of things from Nieman Marcus and yes, I could wear some of them after alteration.  



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I think you should wear what you like what feels comfortable.  If you don't like skinnies, fine don't wear them. Trite but true.

Most of the women here are mature, don't let fad fashion dictate to them.  There are plenty of places to buy trendy clothes. Been there done that ,I do me these days. However some wearing leggings with short tops...not so good.  But whatever.

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Just as an aside, and apropos of nothing, most men look bad in skinnies too. They don't even have the option of heels to try and help the look.

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Re: Out of style

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If skinny jeans and tunics made me look good, I'd wear them regardless of whether they were "in style."  By the same token, if the latest fashions don't make me look good, I wouldn't wear them regardless of how current they are. I find it hard to understand why anyone would surrender her own personal taste and good judgment to the dictates of the fashion industry.