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Has anyone ordered from North Style Catalog?


 I've been looking at their "Almost Spring" catalog.  So far, among Coldwater Creek and several other major catalogs,  North Style has the prettiest dresses and prints with spring colors


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I've ordered 2 tops from North Style.  Hit a homerun with the first was a very unique sweater with a great sale price.  Ordered a top for Christmas and it was horrible.  It looked like a tent (there was no shape), but the picture did not look like that at all.  I had to pay return shipping on a terrible product.  I don't think I will order clothing again.  I did order a few scarves the other day with free shipping.  I'm hoping I'm safe since there is no sizing issue with scarves.

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I ordered two items from them when I first got their catalog, and sent both back immediately. Both were cheap looking although each one was over a hundred dollars. And the fit on both was awful also, extremely small even though I sized up, thinking I wanted a much looser fit. On one, I could not get my arms in. I am 5'9", wear a 12/14, ordered a xxl, and the garments were more medium size. On one, the arm only went as far as my elbow, and I have rather thin arms. 

I love Coldwater Creek, because the quality is always great. The fabrics are excellent and the size is consistant. Just my experience, since you asked.