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Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

I first want to preface this by saying I think QVC has the prettiest models and they are all so down to earth.  I really enjoy watching them and they have great personalities.  However, it drives me nuts that many of them wear their clothes too small.  I notice this especially with Monica, Meredith, and Carrie.  All of these women are large chested and have ample backsides, yet they are put in sizes that are not flattering on them.  I was watching tonights Halston show and Meredith's shirt was so tight the buttons were pulling and you could see every roll in her back...and she is a thin girl! Then when they host asks what size they are wearing they say XXS or size 2.   I am sorry but none of those girls are XXS!  Maybe Suzanne or Katja but not these girls.  They have gorgeous figures but they are curvey!  QVC please put the correct size on the models so we at home can see how the fashions will look on us!   

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Re: Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

I always remember Susan Graver saying that women should wear their correct size--that wearing something too small makes the body look worse.


Why does QVC want us to see models in unflattering clothes?

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Re: Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

I think this goes for everyone.  Wearing clothing that is too tight does not make a person look thinner -- to the contrary.  Same as wearing clothing that is too loose.  I don't like anything skin tight.  Not only is it uncomfortable, but it just looks bad.  Yes, it might flatter our egos to say (or even think to ourselves) -- I am wearing a size 6 -- but really, we are doing ourselves no favors by not wearing the correct size.  A person could have the perfect figure and still look bad if not wearing the appropriate size.  Why emphasize things that we really don't want the whole world to focus on?  That's how I look at it!  

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Re: Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

It's not just the models who are sausage casinged into the clothes, the hostesses are quite often wearing a size too small as well.

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Re: Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

Wow, it occasionally watch the Q but I'll have to admit I know none of the models names! The OP knows all of them? That's impressive. 

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Re: Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

I agree! The same goes for the hosts. Please wear your correct size. Isn't it more likely that we'll purchase garments that fit properly on models and hosts? Why present clothes that look like sausage casings? It makes no sense. And finally, if the pants are too short on very tall models, either let the hem down or use a shorter model for shorter inseams. It DOES make a difference to viewers.

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Re: Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

Also just because the shoe/garment is a TSV doesn't mean every host/model can look good in it.


There are times I will see a host in a garment that makes me cringe. We are not stupid to think everything looks good on every body type. 

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Re: Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

You that you mention it......thinking back...i think when SG hours are on.........i rarely have noticed the clothes being too tight.....she must insist  on certain sizes for the girls.................

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Re: Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

I don't watch Q at all any more--stopped several years ago. I read the blogs and look at the programming list, but pass on by.So I have not seen these models in the wrong clothes. But, I have seen the hosts in the wrong clothes. Some claim they wear a large and there is no way. Bulges everywhere make the clothes look more frumpy and not something I would ever buy.

I don't know the sense behind this, but I consider it nonsense.



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Re: Models Wearing Clothing Too Small

Agreed!  Many times, both models and hosts will wear clothing too small.  What irks me more is the host will boast about the XXS size they're wearing.


In case anyone cares, I wear an XXM... LoL!





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