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I usually wear all gray and black. Mostly wear black bags. Would like to wear a brown bag. Don't want to be too matchy all the time.  How do you think that would look?

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I see brown with black a lot these days.  Go shopping and see how they look with your clothes.  

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If you truly wear only gray or black, I'd go for a pop of color in your bag. How about red or cobalt blue?

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Red or  blues sound good. Or if that's too bright for you, how about a burgundy or wine color purse?  I think it would be better than brown.

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I would do a bag with color or texture over black or brown. 

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@TRUPHILLYLDY  I also wear a neutral palette of black and grey. Instead of a dark brown bag, try a "Saddle" color....that lighter, richer brown like the interior of a luxurious sports car. I purchased a D&B bag last year in this color last. The bonus of getting the lighter, brighter brown is that it looks great all year round. Dark brown is more for winter. Hope that helps.


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Thanks for all of the suggestions. I guess I'll have to break out of my too conservative mind set. 

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Black is my standard also.  My main non-black bags are British tan (couple of them). 


I have quite a few other colors that I use depending on what I'm wearing and where I'm going ... but mostly casual bags. 


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I always wear all black as well! 


I prersonally don't like black with brown- as suggested a pop of color would be nice. 


If you don't want anything too bright, I would suggest a taupe bag. Very beautiful color that matches well with everything!