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First they will show most tops to cover up your fanny and expanding waistline.   Next item up....lift that top and show off that cute little bum in your skin tight jeans.    Also, a big selling point in jeans is the fact that you can do squats in them which most vendors and hosts will demonstrate for  us.   As if there isn't another pair made in which you could do that.   I must have 5 different brands of jeans and I am  able to perform  that exercise.     Yes, yes,  I  know that is sales people do.  .  Just think it's humorous when they do it one right after the other..  Cover it up ... show it off..   

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I see it as QVC trying to appeal to all body types and ages.

No different than what can be found in brick and mortar stores.

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@Junebug54I am so glad QVC offers us different lengths, different colors, different styles.  Can't think of any reason I or they have to be locked into one.


Seems to me, QVC has its mind made up -  it's made up to try to appeal to many different buyers.

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@millieshops @deeva  ITA with both of you!!

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Re: Make up your mind QVC

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Are you watching the live presentations? You’ll get lots of sales pitches for different things, most of which don’t appeal to you personally, if you watch that way. It is like going to a department store and having the sales person try to sell you everything on the rack when only 1-2 items actually interest you. 


It saves time and annoyance (lol) for me by looking online at the items presented. I can see, at a glance, which ones, if any, are of interest and I can watch the video for those things. Or, if it is currently being presented, I can watch it live. As soon as they start talking about something else, I’m usually gone. It works well for me. There are many lines of clothing and other things that I never get a glimpse of. Thank goodness! 

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Everybody isn't built the same.  What works for me may not work for you.  QVC excels in the variety category and they keep expanding.