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So far I have NOT found any line that is as nice as Linea. Seems like I return more than I keep since this brand came off the Q.  I really miss his classic looks and whisper knits.

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You will have to shop elsewhere to find styles similar to LDO. All QVC sells 

are overpriced joggers, tunic type tops and Tees and jeans. 

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QVC sells mostly casual/leisure clothes and multi-purpose (wear everywhere) clothes these days.
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I have one of his blazers and a ladies tuxedo jacket .. the workmanship

is beyond impeccable ....


I wore the blazer last week and thought the same thing ...sad I would

not be able to buy from this fabulous brand ....

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I so miss Linea...! 


Yesterday I was quickly looking in my closet for possible choices for a light jacket, not a rain jacket, not a hoodie, not a pj top, and came across a Linea easy unlined moss crepe jacket that was perfect.  I have one in black and another in white.


Wore the black one, easy style, open neckline, epaulets, simple.  It never wrinkled, looked casual but designer, and polished off my casual jeans and tee look the way I wanted.  


Hubby said, wow is that a new jacket???


There was always that perfect spot that Louis could find in blending classic with modern to make the best clothes for us.  I do miss that but know I can always find something in my closet.


My spending is WAY down at QVC with the clothes and styles they now offer.  


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His clothes were my mainstay for years. I have lost weight and now everything is two sizes too big. Ugh. The items I purchased were classic cuts/styling and I guess my sister will get them and love them for years. 

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I too really miss LDO.  Half of my closet is made up of his clothes, but sadly much of it is showing signs of wear...especially his summer dresses, which I adore. I wonder if anyone has found any product line anywhere that can meet the quality, classic style, fabric, etc standards that he set.

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I don't work any longer, but I did love his clothing line.  There were always so many sell-outs that it's hard to believe in the wisdom of their discontinuing his line.  Big mistake, IMHO.

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In addition to looking fabulous, his clothes also lasted a long time.  They were very well made with no shortcuts.  I expecty my trenchcoat collection to outlive me!

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It's probably just as well Louis is gone because they could never make and sell clothes made to his standards so the average QVC shopper could afford them the way things have changed in the garment industry.  We would all be in a constant state of disappointment and Louis himself would be so sad.  Times have drastically changed.

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