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I'm embarrassed to say just how many...let's say too many to count!

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I have 5. All straight bottom hems. I had to remove a ruffle to make the one a straight bottom.


Likely to purchase in the future?...not a good outlook for me as a prospect.


No bottoms because I do not like a 3" wide waistband, let alone pull on. I did try a pair of her jeans, but back they went.


The swinging maternity style is just not me.



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I have 25 pieces.  A couple of her leggings, several tops and a few cardigans.  There are a couple of pieces I don't really care for, but most of them I love.  Those couple of duds I have, I do wear for pajamas because the comfort is awesome.

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 have about 15 or so pieces.  Cardigans and shirts.  These are pieces I've had about 2 years now.  I haven't purchased anything recently.  The Logo line is more expensive than some others and I think the prices are even higher this year.  A $79 shirt is not in my budget. 

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@FL Ldaywrote:

Hi Ladies,,,,How many Logo tops/sweaters do you have, and how many more do you expect to buy?  Out of all my friends, I’m the only one who has them.  I’ve bought them over the years, and have about 10, so I’m not planning on buying anymore.  I think 10 is enough.  What do you think?  Thanks,,,💞💞💞

@FL Lday  Please do join us in the LOGO subforum.  Most of us regulars there have tons of LOGO.  Look to the left of this board under "My Favorite Brand."  Click there and then click on the link for LOGO.  

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I have three vests, a tank, seven tunics, one twinset, and two cardigans. The majority of my pieces I bought at the QVC outlet at discounted prices. I really enjoy the line, the colors, and the embellishments. I don't do a lot of layering because I get way too hot, and many of the things are fine worn on their own. Lori's color palette is gorgeous. And please come on over and visit the Logo forum. 

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I have about 25,000 pieces.  Or so it seems, when I see all that rayon/span and lace in my bedroom!  LOL Smiley Happy

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I have at least a dozen pieces and anticipate adding more. I think they are flattering and they fit my lifestyle.
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Zero also

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I have purchased a lot of Logo over the years, but only a few items during the past two years.  The prices have gotten higher and many of the new styles just don't flatter my body type.  I have never had an issue with them holding up over time and never any issues with pilling, shrinking, etc.