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Hi Ladies,,,,How many Logo tops/sweaters do you have, and how many more do you expect to buy?  Out of all my friends, I’m the only one who has them.  I’ve bought them over the years, and have about 10, so I’m not planning on buying anymore.  I think 10 is enough.  What do you think?  Thanks,,,💞💞💞

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I have around 20 I bought over the years.  I likely will buy in the future.

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Zero and zero

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Let me go count them!  And yes, I will buy more.  Good show today.

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Re: Logo

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I have about 2 dozen pieces ... tops, jackets, vests, tanks.


I bought five of those in the last 18 months.  


No doubt i'll buy more of them.  I like LOGO.

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I have so many tops that my closet is full. I never purchased LOGO - but I've been enjoying the shows lately - especially today - Lori and Sharon. It's actually raining in Oxnard (southern Ca) - and I watched the whole 2 hours. The clothes seems to have improved - and the colors are gorgeous. There has to be many women who enjoy her clothes - she's been on the Q a long time. I appreciate the hard work it takes to start ur own company - or just run ur own company ---- Lori deserves all the best. I'm only 4'10" so most of those tops would be too long on me - but I liked some of those jackets. Everything looks so comfy and colorful. I'm sure I'll buy something in the future -- interesting clothes.

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I really like LOGO. I have four tops and two cardigans that I wear as light jackets. Her pieces are well made and the fabric is yummy to the touch. Her pieces lay so nicely on the body. Another plus of LOGO is that (IMO) Lori brings her best clothing to QVC, while other designers bring a lesser quality product to the Q. (Isaac, as an example.) Lori truly brings her best. Her pieces are more expensive, but they're a more quality product, and I appreciate that. I will buy more.

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I have 25 pieces which include tops, tanks, sweaters, cardigans and vests.  I have 4 pants.  I have bought most of them since last summer.  Before that I bought a few and was not impressed.  It showed the lumps and bumps.  I loss 10 pounds and then the same size looked a lot better because they hang the way they were made to.  I also found wearing a tank underneath also helped the way they hang.  Now they are slimming.


I had to send back several of the pants.  I only bought one style of jean which had only 1% spandex and bought several pairs.  Anything with more spandex grew as the day went on.  I also bought one capri and love the way it fit.



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I own 3.  One TSV, two clearance.  All under $40.  I am continually amazed at the prices which seem to go up and up...I really like very few of her styles.  But I will say the colors are beautiful.  I am pear shape and most of her things have stuff right at the hip line.  Not so much for me.  


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I'm really just getting started because I only discovered LOGO recently.   Home recovering from two back to back surgeries and turned to QVC for company.   Fell in love with LOGO right away.   I don't need tons of clothes because I wear uniforms to work.   But I want a few special pieces to wear when I get out and about, to feel really good about myself and how I look.   With my apple shape figure and my height, I study her pieces closely to find the ones right for me.   I'm waiting for one special piece to come back in stock, concentrating on short sleeves right now.   I have a lot of long sleeve tops on my wishlist.   Have three tops and waiting to order three more of the same one in different colors when they come back in stock.   I also want that navy color twill jacket that was just introduced.   Love LOGO!   Heart