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Lacey Chabert presents well and comes across as a nice well-adjusted woman (a feat considering she started working in Hollywood at a young age).  I want to like something because I like her (I should say I like her acting work because she's one of my Hallmark favorites and she was good in Mean Girls), but so far the items she has brought to HSN are not making me reach for a device to order. 

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Re: Lacey Chabert on HSN

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Sorry I don't know much about her line; but, as others have already mentioned, she does seem like a lovely person!  I totally agree.   

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Re: Lacey Chabert on HSN

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I received my TSV cardigans and matching pants. I bought three colors. They are nice, and even though I am not a fan of the sayings for the price they were perfect. They are warm and cozy, I was running back and forth to my storage all day for Christmas decorations and it is cold and sleeting here in MI.  I was chilled to the bone, so I took a hot shower and put a set on. They are very comfy and warm.



I did size up after looking at the size chart and the top is a perfect fit. I should have sized up two sizes on the pants and may do an exchange on the other two pairs, 

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I bought some of her Christmas pj's for DH and I. Haven't worn them yet though.

I finally got around to trying on my pj's today and I didn't like the fit at all. The pants were short and snug in the calves. The top was very short in front and just felt weird. They're going back tomorrow. DH's too, since we wanted to match.