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The gray, because it goes better with black than navy. does.

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Depending on your coats or what colors you wear I would get gray mostly.  I have that purse in burgundy or wine color.  I like it but I honestly think baggalini makes better light weight crossbody purses that are more functional than lug.  But its still a nice one.

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LOVE this bag! I bought the North-South Boxer tote, and all they had left at the time besides camo was the heather navy or the heather grey. Since my luggage is dark blue, as is my winter jacket, I decided to take a chance on the heather navy. It looks rather denimy, which makes it casual, but I will put up wth it since I really like the weight of the bag and that I can fit everything I need in a small footprint. I hope they'll do lighter colors of this bag for spring and summer (hint hint), as I would love to own this in the aqua or the purple/lavender or some form of pink/hot pink. I also own the Propeller bag in aqua, and would have liked to own a few more Lug pieces in that color.