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Where I live I don't often see anyone in PJ's out in public. Jeans yes, we all wear them, I am as comfortable in my jeans as I imagine lots of folks are in their yoga wear.
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I wear work out wear also but only on the way to work out or on the way home.  

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I wear athletic type clothing such as yoga pants, leggings, hoodies, and casual tunics as my daily run around clothes.  Athletic wear is not the same as pyjamas.


A well put together and nice fitting outfit of athleisure beats a jeans and sweatshirt  outfit any day for style. I see far too many women wearing ill-fitting jeans and men's T shirts or sweatshirts.  There is nothing stylish about those choices.  


Yes, I wear jeans, but mostly dressed up for evening with sweaters, jackets and boots. I don't wear them in the summer as my climate is too hot. 



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I don't wear PJs out.  Heck, I hardly ever wear them at all. Cat Happy


I do wear workout clothes OUT IN PUBLIC when I leave the gym and do errands.  I am not going to change my clothes at the gym so that I don't offend the tender sensibilities of those who think I don't care.  If I didn't care I wouldn't be going to the gym and dance class to begin with.  Cat Tongue


If I'm going to a nice restaurant I will wear an appropriate outfit.  I like dressing up like most women I know do, but I am not going to change my clothes every time I come from the gym or a class.  


I just don't spend muich time eyeballing every woman I see in order to criticize her attire.