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@buffieg wrote:

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!  I thought it was just me.  Cannot understand why she on QVC let alone a designer.  It all looks junky and it's expensive junk.  And she is "obsessed" with everything "you guys".  She comes on and my TV is turned off.

@buffieg   She is on QVC because she makes money for them. Not hard to understand. QVC is in business to make money.

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Cannot agree more. I can't believe that Lori thinks that stuff she sells is in any way pretty. I ordered a couple of her expensive tops and was shocked at how flimsy and thin the fabric was and because I am short they looked ridiculous on me. Back they went. When she comes on I change channels. Too much enthusiasm. Too me the clothes are just awful.


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I don't think I've seen anyone wear this look.

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Just like any brand there are pieces that work and those that don't.  This used to be my go to brand and I have some gorgeous tops.  Unfortunately as of late can't find anything that sparks my interest in her line and if I do they are always sold out of my size.  It is a brand I think that looks better on the larger individual.  My bust is small but my hips are not so her top styles fit me well.