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@LipstickDiva wrote:

Oh come on. Was this thread really necessary?  A quick review of this forum will show anyone that there are plenty of negative threads about this line.  Why not just add your thoughts to them instead of creating yet another thread?     

@LipstickDiva  I predict the usual "board police" comment directed at your's about as original as this thread!

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I highly suspect this poster is just a reincarnation of a former poster who we've not seen in a little while.  A quick review of her posting history shows she recently joined and just about every post is negative/complaining about something.



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Lipstickdiva: If you took the time to read all my posts in this thread you would know I like quite a few items in the Logo Lounge Line and said so. I'm sorry we all can't like everthing, but I am thankful we are free to express are opinions.

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unkempt must be the new word for CHIC.   Lori says that word every other sentence....

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I agree with you. I think she just throws fabrics together without any thought. 

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I love LOGO. They also look good on me; my son who notices nothing in mom's clothes said I looked great, out of the blue!!


i suspect those who don't like her clothes already know they would not look good in them, so don't want anyone else to think they look good. 


Please leave us LOGO lovers alone, what's to be gained with this on-going campaign?

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Bhvbum: I would hardly consider a forum where positive and negative postings about a fashion line are included would be considered an "ongoing campaign". Everyone's opinions are respected and valued (negative or positive).

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What I just wanted to comment on is this phenomenon of when people express their dislike of a product or clothing line, why the same posters become so defensive about it or even care for that matter.  Happens with Dell'Olio, Wen, and others.  My goodness, they expend so much time and energy on defending the product they love!


If I like a line of clothing, I couldn't care less what others think.  Bash away! Let it out if it makes you feel better. It doesn't make me feel badly in the least.  I'm happy with my choices and don't need anyone's validation.  If I feel I look good that's all that matters to me.  So what gives?  Is it a matter of self-worth and being secure in one's choices? It's puzzling to me.


Yeah, I know the same poster(s) will respond to this by saying, "There's a way to criticize without hurting feelings."  Sorry.  A person allows herself to be hurt by words.


Or if people say they get tired of seeing the same thread week after week.....The same thing happens on every forum.  So what?  If I see a thread that repeats itself week after week, I just pass it on by.  No big deal.



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Here we go again!  Can't you all find something else to do besides bashing LOGO every time there is a show?