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@KaySD wrote:

The rayon mostly gives the fabric different drape, which can be very nice. And it is more affordable--good linen is pricey. Fewer wrinkles as well, but depending on the blend it's still linen!


My very favorite fabric ever. I like to wear it, decorate with it, sleep on it, dry my dishes with it...I even had my wedding dress made of white linen! I have an amazing handmade quilt of linen pieces. BTW, I do own an iron, but I'm not sure where it is...

I love it too.  I bought so much of it when I was working.  Lord and Taylor and me and the Linen.  I worked corporate 500 and had nice Linen pieces for the Summer.  I have some linen still, but not nearly as much as I had when I worked.

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