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Regarding Celebrity...Does standing hip to hip with Eric Clapton count??  Oh yes I did.....more than once even !!!!

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I believe Leah was wearing A347532 which is the Vince Camuto Lace-Up Back Doubleweave One Button Blazer. There is only one picture of the blazer in the item description  in a red color, but it does come in a nice golden yellow color. Also from a couple of side glances of Leah this morning, the jacket she had on had lacing up a portion of the back of the jacket. She definitely looked really pretty in it. 

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Leah mentioned at the beginning of her show that her jacket was from Vince Camuto.  Didn't watch long enough to hear if she gave the #.

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When Leah opened the show she said the blazer was VC.  She said it would not be presented as it wasn't in the show but she thought it looked good with her outfit so she wore it.


It was a gorgeous jacket and looked great on her.  The color would so not work on me.    

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Leah looks fantastic and seems to enjoy presenting the fashions. There is a new life to her shows...she "models" them, puts on different items presented, and genuinely seems to be having a good time.
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Love the blazer, love Leah..she looks great and my favorite host...

FAVORITE....shes a doll.

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I seldom watch QVC but wanted to see the TSV presentation.  I was surprised when I tuned in at 7:55 to see Leah.  Wow, has she changed.  Gold/bright yellow is not an easy color to wear but on her, it's a great color.  The blazer looked good (very traditional) from the front but I wasn't a fan of the lace-up back.

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Brag girlfriend brag. Love EricC