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I was wondering if anyone would bring up this topic. FF'd through the Kyle premier hsn show. I was absolutely shocked. I agree with all of you. Tacky. See-through, cheap-looking thin fabrics. I've seen more style at K-Mart. Ewwwww.Who thinks it is healthy to wear plastic clothes on your skin regardless of the seller? Compare her prices and quality to a Marc Bouwer maxi dress, or a Bob Mackie real silk tunic top. Oh my. Why can't they find real designers anymore? Hostess said she had 8 sell-outs and congrats yet when I just looked I didn't see any sell-outs? Looking at her reality show and life-style and then trying to sell us that ----- is downright insulting. If noone buys maybe the q and hsn will bring in some fresh, talented designers. The q has gotten ho-hum, old and boring and hsn's attempts to bring in new is cheap and devoid of talent. Guess you ladies are better at box stores and other on-line sites. Nothing stays the same. Has to be better elsewhere.

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Very 70's. Not my preference.

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Well I think Kyle and her sister Kim are total mean girls (was thinking another word, but knew I couldn't post it here) on the show - so would have a hard time coughing up money for her clothes.