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Awhile back I ordered some sweatshirts including a zip up hoodie, joggers and my favorite, a leopard print sweatshirt. The brand name is Tech Gear and I'm really impressed with the quality for the price. They are just the right weight, not to thin or too heavy. They wash well and are soft and cozy. Just a rec. for a nice product. 

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I ordered the same stuff in the camo. Yes very nice line of clothing. Enjoy your new purchases! 

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I agree! I own a few Tek Gear hoodies and tops myself and love the softness, the warmth, and the quality. I keep going back for more.
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I am a big fan of the Tec Gear stuff!  It is really great -- wears well and when you get it on sale -- you can't beat it! 

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Love the style choices in this brand. Sizing is consistent which makes ordering very simple. It also washes well AND is priced fairly. Enjoy!
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I have these sweatshirts in just about every color.   live in them during the winter while I'm home.  Got them on sale for about $9.  In the fall I donate last years shirts and get fresh ones for the upcoming winter. 

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Kohl's Tek Gear line is a favorite of mine to check out when shopping for exercise clothes or items to use as athleisure apparel.  The prices are good even if not on sale, but when reduced it is really a good time to stock up.  My exercise clothes take a beating and I can attest that Tek items have held up as well or better than some of the high-end chic brands.  In addition to Tek Gear, Kohl's also carries some national brands such as Nike, Champion, Gaiam, and Puma.   

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I love Tek Gear French terry sweat pants!

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Tel Gear is very nice stuff ! Drapes nicely .

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Yes I purchase TEK GEAR DryTech hoodies in multiples every few years. They wear like iron, are very easy to care for, look slimming on. I wear them daily in season. They are a cotton poly span blend. Best of all they are offered in petite sizes and made in Vietnam, recognized for better to best tailoring, and offered, fortunately for the buyer, in this lower priced sports apparel range.