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Re: Jackie! You're rocking it!

All the models do a great job, but my favorite are Deanna, Kate, and Jackie. Jackie has had some fitting problems, some one needs to pay better attention to her.

 I also like it better when they have three styled models at the same time.

I do wish Halston segments had more than one model.

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Re: Jackie! You're rocking it!

They have a new model, 'Donna is her name' (song)........She is a Medium sized model, which I and I suppose many appreciate.   Nice to have  Small-ish, Medium, and Large+ models when possible.  Heart

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Re: Jackie! You're rocking it!

I know I'm in the minority, and I'm not trying to be catty, but Jackie   Is one of the worst when it comes to my pet peeve - the models standing there with their hands jammed in their pockets. I don't know why it bugs me, but I feel it takes away from the line of the clothing item.  Many times if the models are wearing a top without pockets, they lift the top and put their hands in the pants pockets.  They should teach them what to do with their hands. 

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Re: Jackie! You're rocking it!

I like Jackie. She generally seems happy, not just standing there smiling because she has to. Deanna is another one that strikes me that way too. 

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