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@Chi-town girl wrote:

@mememe - I also like this look & did a search on hsn for the toppers in this photo....nada. Did they show these toppers on the  models during any shows?


Wonder if it's a sneak peek for the next IMAN visit coming soon that will be another TS , a scarf. There will be more new items for those shows. The leopard leggings were a sneak peek last month during the last IMAN TS for the suede coat. 


IMAN Global Chic Slip Into Slim Perfect Ponte Legging

For some reason I think this look is super cute!

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it looks like a t shirt to wear under a blazer.

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@lulu2 I think it is 2 seperate pieces.  For cleaning purposes it would make the most sense.

In my mind I picture it as a tank top with the feathery fringe attached to the bottom.

I think the total look is Fab-u-lous!

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I look forward to seeing what the piece looks like, it looks terrific on Jackie, but at 5'2 I'm afraid it's going to hit me in just the wrong place!