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@Andreatoo wrote:

@I am still oxox

I personally like the feel of rayon/span, I ordered my usual size and wasn't expecting a lot of structure so hopefully it fits me in the same way it did the models...


Hey! but at least this time you didn't wait  month! That's progress! Woman Wink


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@I am still oxox

You are right; it's a VERY generous fit!

And it's very long but then I'm only 5'2 and all that height is in my legs!


I do like the feel of it, I like rayon/span, and it looks really cute with leggings or a bermuda short. I may even belt it...

I got the jeans at the same time and they are fantastic! They fit perfectly (true to size at the higher end*). No gaping, just the right density and a perfect midtone denim...


* I'm a 4-6 but my experience is that I can't get in to an Indigo size 4...