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I've always been a shopper and fashionista. I love it, especially fall/winter shopping.  I having such hard time now because I've been working from home 2-3 days a week and beginning in Dec, I will transition into a new position in which I will work remotely full time.  I'll only have to go into the office a handful of times a year.  I'm looking foward to working remotely full time and I'm looking foward to my new position.  But it really saddens me that I can't shop the way I always did.  I know it probably sounds dumb but I am grieving over the fact that I just cannot justify buying more work type clothes.  I can't tell you how often I put something in my cart and rationalized why I "need" it only to come to my senses and delete it.  

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Re: I miss shopping !

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well, now you'll just have to shop for "working from home" clothes! there's always a good excuse for clothes shopping! 😊

oh! and congratulations on your new position! 

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Re: I miss shopping !

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@chrystaltree, It seems we are very alike in this.  I crave color and design.  It drove me nuts all last winter because I wasn't working.

The only thing that saved me was fashion mags and catalogs.


 Now, I'm in a large national boutique.

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I understand exactly what you are feeling.  When I first started being home I didn't buy a thing for quite a few years.  When I worked most of my wardrobe was work clothes.  Well one day I said to myself "I'm not going to give up on my wardrobe and shopping".  I just started shopping for different clothes.  My everyday "uniform" is leggings and workout clothes, so I invested in the best and bought them on clearance or sale.  Same goes for jeans.  I could wait for a sale so I can get $100-200 jeans also on sale.  What's great about it is I can be picky, wait for great deals and buy much higher quality clothes at discount prices. I use more Summer clothes than Winter so I buy off season.  I do occassionly invest in a good jacket/blazer that I can wear casually.  Just don't do what I did and get in a rut, just shop for different things and take advantage of the situation your in.  I get some great deals which affords me to buy more but I'm running out of room. Lol

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I miss shopping too but not for the same reasons. Your job sounds fabulous though and I wish you the best. We grieve what we used to do/ in my case who I used to be and what I used to do...those things that gave us pleasure and joy. Right now I miss walking and being well bodied. I know the feeling of seeing something and putting it back. My thinking is I never get out and my prognosis is so poor so why even bother buying? Situations are diferent but the grieving is still the grieving for what once was. Through my hospice therapy I have had to practice living in the moment and writing my "gratitude list" every time I get in my space. Is perfectly fine if you really want an item to buy it. WHen I was well and working I rewarded myself for a job well done! Hugs to you

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Stormygirl123 -


Hugs to YOU!!!!




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@Stormygirl That was so thoughtful.I hope that you will be well again but even if you can't get out there is still the online shopping to keep ya going.I think you should continue to reward yourself because from what I feel after reading your post is another job well done.You are a beautiful person.

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I learned to handle my husband's medical needs at home.  For that I am very thankful.  It was hard to go to sleep each night not knowing what morning would bring.  We learned to celebrate little daily accomplishments as they came.  It was not easy but we counted each day as a blessing.  I was healthy then so I was able to lift him from his wheel chair in and out if our vehicle occasionally.  On a day like today we would have probably have gone to the park to watch the ducks and geese, watch the sail boats and stop for ice cream before the local stand closed for the season.  He was an outdoors person and introduced me to snowmobiles, hiking,fishing, camping, etc.  I learned to love it all as much as he did.  Because he spent so much time in the hospitality his doctor asked him to visit with others in a similar boat and help them come to terms with their situation.  They would push his wheelchair from patient to patient and leave him until he called.  Both he and his new friend enjoyed the conversations on things they would not discuss with others.  I hope that you can find at least 1 thing everyday that you are thankful for.  Are you a crafty lady.   My mother loved to knit, sew, etc.  Once she became immobile she started making new infant baby caps for her local hospital.  She was told of this need on 1 of her many hospital stays.   I am not in your shoes so of course I can not fully understand what you are going thru.   I can pray for you to find some happiness and peace in each day.  I tell my family and friends to make memories to last them a life time.  We never know how many days we have.  My husband had just turned 50.  I am grateful for the 30+ years of memories that I have. I 

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I retired two years ago and I do miss dressing up for work, putting on makeup and generally looking put together.  I have actually gotten rid of a ton of clothes, but still like dressing up to go out to lunch or dinner with a friend.  I have to stop myself from buying now - I don't want to spend my retirement money on things I won't use.  But to me it is all worth it. 

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I am in the same boat. I work from home all the time. Now I  only have a few dress up items: 1 black suit, 1 navy blue suit, 1 black sheath dress, several button up shirts, 1 camel hair blazer, 1 boiled wool blazer, and 1 black pencil skirt. I keep these classics because they never go out of style and, I hate to say it,  but I need the suit for funerals. 


Working from home I wear casual, comfortable clothes, but I always do my hair and makeup and wear matching jewelry.  JJill is great for at home wear that is stylish.