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I buy by color, style, and price.  I am a bargain shopper.  I want something to look nice on me so I simply shop around.  


I check in to QVC but no longer watch regularly.  Whenever I do see what is being offered I am seeing very high prices for most of the fashion items.  We are talking about tops, pants, shoes, purses.  The host always talk about the fabrics being super special.  


I guess my question is are the prices worth it because of special fabric?  I really doubt anyone seeing me would know the difference.  Not even sure I know the difference.  Much of the time I hear last call, or never to be offered again, etc.  Buy now or else. 

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Re: High prices

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@bonnielu    The fabric is nothing special.  If you'd bought anything recently, you'd know that they're getting thinner and cheaper.  I fear Q shoppers may freeze this winter.  Watch when they hold up garments on hangers and look at the back neck area.  So often, you can see the set in the background through it.  Even sweaters are very thin.

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I only buy stuff that’s substantially marked down.

Nothing is so wonderful that I must have it NOW.

I don’t NEED it so it’s not a big a problem if it sells out.
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I have no problem paying a bit more for better fabric but it is comic when they charge arm and a leg for polyester fabric which is not only the cheapest fabric out there but it also is bad for the environment. QVC seriously has to drop V from its name. I am now looking more into Amazon. I just ordered 2 fall sweaters. I also regularly receive coupons  from Macys. Those are now my go tos. QVC's fashion is pretty bad. They really should to rethink their buyers.



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If the priced aren't worth it to YOU, just stop buying.  Stop watching QVC if affordability is a problem for you.  I'm 62 and prices for EVERYTHING have increased over time.  There has never been a time in history when prices went down.  We have our own budgets and lifestyles so what is very affordable for some is much too expensive for others.  And that's ok.  I don't why what you mean by special fabrics.  This is 2022 and the fashion industry at all price points uses modern fabrics. Of course the hosts talk about fabrics. They also talk about color and fit because the hosts are sales people and they use words to grab our attention.  There's so much whining about prices here and I understand that budgets are stretched, particularly for older people on fixed incomes and they can't buy as much as they did at one time or want to now.  So buy less or shop elsewhere.  Complaining about prices is pointless, it serves no purpose because affordability is a PERSONAL matter.  Also we all spend our money on different categories.  I don't buy many home goods, decorator items, foods, cosmetics because those things generally cost more than I want to pay but I don't complain that they are too expensive.  

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Re: High prices

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Since the beginning of the year I have purchased a total of 6 items from QVC, 5 of which were clothing all on sale.  I know I've purchased a lot more from Macy's and even HSN.  


If people want to pay for the overpriced items QVC sells, good for them.  I prefer getting "bang for the buck" and shop elsewhere to do so.  IMO, paying more does not always ensure better quality.





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I shop around.  Always have and always will.  I like the thrill of the hunt when I go shopping.  I found some really nice wardrobe builders this weekend.  


I like the Q too.  Glad for options.  Everything has gone up and just need to decide for yourself what is good for you.  Definitely a difference in some fabrications.


I know there are some ladies on here that go to thrift stores and that can be fun.  When I first started working I did that and some items still had original tags on them.  


My friend spends all summer going to garage sales.  Buys all her clothes doing that.  She has some really cute tops.  She also buys shoes but that is where I draw the line.  No thanks.


Prices in store for clothes can be high too if you do not get when on sale or use coupons or use their credit card.  I spent a small fortune on two grandkids getting them ready for school and everything was on sale too.  Bummer is they out grow things so fast.







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I have always bought the majority of my clothes locally and I still do.  Almost always I can tell the differences between pieces priced differently.   What makes my decision is whether I myself care.  I do not feel any pressure from or obligation to anyone else.







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My question was only to ask if the prices meant a better product. 


I don't buy clothing from them anymore.  I do look at clearance and AS IS.  My question was just out of curiosity.  Are the prices much higher because the product is BETTER.  Is the fabric longer lasting of higher quality to warrant prices points usually over $50.  Perhaps I am missing  something.  I buy my clothes from Walmart, Costco, Blair (when on sale)  and any other place that offers prices that I am comfortable with.




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Re: High prices

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again, i don't understand the issue



food is the same way.


local restaurant offers steak dinner with all the trimmings..........$70


other places have lower prices


i can make the dinner in my home at lower price.



is the $70 dinner better?  is the product better, is it cooked better,  etc.    some think so, the dang place is packed every night



i buy and eat what i think is great and priced to my liking.



what others pay or do is not in my radar.  it has nothing to do with me or my likes. it is individual choice.  thank goodness we have them.



same with clothing, cars, houses, etc

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