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I haven't bought anything with an "exotic" hemline since 2019 when I got sick of them.  I'm also tired of the look and excess bothersome fabric that comes with fit 'n flare styles.  It gets in my way unless I just sit primly and fold my hands. 

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They are just a continuation of the big shirt trend.  Remember peach skin?  A handy match with leggings.  Like everything, it will pass, but in the meantime can be fun.

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No, I'm not tired of them at all!  Personally, I've always liked the look  It's been around for years!


I would guess that style might not work well on a curvy figure.


I have no curves - just straight up and down with wide shoulders (think "T" shape).   I can wear these styles really well.  


I recall making my first trapeze hemline top from a Vogue pattern prior to 1976 - so they've been around lots of years.  


It was in the early 90s that I bought my first handkerchief hem skirt from Burlington (still have it and wear it).  


On most of the sweaters and vests that I knit/crochet - I alter them so that the front is shorter than the back and/or the hemline is staggered.


Whether designers and manufacturers continue making them - who knows?  As for me - I like them, and can make them myself.



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I definitely prefer a straight hemline. I don't mind a subtle curved hemline or having the back a bit longer then the front, but I don't like anything too extreme. I have seen some cute tops with hemlines I don't care for so I pass on those. 

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I am not a fan of uneven or exaggerated hemlines.  If the garment is something I love, I cut the material and re-hem the garment with an even, straight hem.


As far as exaggerated back hems that "cover the bootie", I think it only draws attention to it.