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Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

I have to disagree with what QVC designers tell us..  Their tops are way too long for the gals who are 5ft. 4 in and under. And if you are high waisted and a size large or over,  it compounds the problem.They do not make us look long and lean, rather, they make us look like we are wearing a taller person's clothes and our bodies appear totally out of proportion. And I am not even refering to tunics here.Those can come down to our knees.Lol!


It is wonderful if you have the height to carry these tops but I wish the designers would offer shorter lengths too. When they show a petite model wearing a top , she is usually a size small and unfortunately many of us shorter gals are much larger and the length does get longer as sizes go up.Way too long to look nice.

If one is looking for hip and butt coverage, a pant with a roomier seat or non clingy skirt with a top that reaches to the high hip is a much nicer, proportioned look.


All that I ask is that a greater variety of lengths be offered in tops.


Love the Q and shop here frequently.





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Re: Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

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And I have to disagree with you!  LOL


I am only 5'3" and the tops are never too long!  In fact, often they are too short cutting me off and making it very obvious I have a short body.



I have a short torso and very long legs.  A longer top or tunic DOES in fact elongate me and make me look leaner.



Height is not the only consideration when styling.  Body shape and dimensions is a major factor.



I don't think you can generalize that the tops are too long for everyone 5'4" and under.


They just don't work for you.

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Re: Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

@5941  I am sure you know part of the job of the vendors and hosts is to say whatever it takes to make an item appear to be appealing to a large number of customers.  They certainly aren't going to discourage sales by saying those of you under 5'4" shouldn't order this item.  By the same token they say opposite thing to the tall gals when convincing customers that a pair of pants which have been cut and fit for average height range of 5'4 to 5'7 will look ok on women who have longer than average inseams.  Yeah, they show the tall models wearing the pants, but it stands to reason that most items in the models closet undergo some kind of alteration in preparation for on air presentations.     

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Re: Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

Agree with OP, 100%.

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Re: Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

I never expect I can wear everything available to buy anywhere.   Just last week I went shopping in one a local boutique where I'd love to be able to wear about 785% of what they sell, but what fits my body???  A very small percentage.  This is a shop in which a sales associate will bring items to the dressing room -    and even though mine had seen several items on me, even though she had good knowlege of their inventory, only a few pieces of what we tried fit me!   Thank heavens there's no return fee from the dressing room!


As for QVC, there are lots of different lengths available, lots of designers with different ideas. lots of different fabrics, etc.  Here and there I find what I can wear.  



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Re: Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

I disagree with the designers and hosts probably 90% of the time.


So .... I buy the majority of my clothes elsewhere.  


I don't wear jeans, loungewear, jogging pants, tight pants, leggngs, ankle or crop pants, shorts, sandals, floral prints, bell sleeves, cold shoulders ...


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Re: Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

@5941  - I agree with you 100%!  The majority of Q's tops are too long for me.

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Re: Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

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ITA with you. I don't want long shirts. I also don't want those shirts with long tails. If I bought any of those I would have it cut off with a straight hem on it.

I like my shirts to hit at the hip or a little lower just above the thighs. I want a little stomach hip coverage but I don't need any thigh coverage since I don't have any. LOL!!! 

I don't want to sit on my shirt & I don't want to keep pulling it up so I can sit down.

Would like to add we need shirts with some sleeves on them with some room. No short cap sleeves but sleeves closer to the elbow. I also want them roomy & not wrapped around my upper arm where I'm always pulling at it. Need some flow to it.


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Re: Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

I'm just the opposite - I'm 5'8 and longwaisted with heavy thighs so more tunic length tops are always appreciated. I have seen shorter tops sold on the website, if you haven't checked there already.


QVC will sell what it believes the majority of women want, and they believe longer length tops that cover the tummy and tops of thighs is it, no matter what height, size, or shape we are. 





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Re: Have To Disagree With QVC Designers

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Having flaps on the side and a longer back for hip and butt cover is anathema to me...3/4 sleeves feel creepy on me too!