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If Hanes can fiigure out how to do tagless lables wouldn't you think designers could figure it out.  I get so tired of lables that I usually have to carefully cut off because they are irritating.  Am I the only one?  lol

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Tags are horrible!  If I were shopping and found identical tops, one with a tag and one without, I would pay more for the one without the tag.

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but then the alternative is something printed on, which eventually wears over time.

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@yellow919 ...nope you are not the only one.  I have cut tags out of my clothes and my kids clothes for years and years. 

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I hate tags. I have some t-shirts that are tagless also Rhonda Shear Ahh Bras are tagless. It has eventually washed out of some of my Ahh bras.

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I can't stand tags, especially the ones on the back of the neck. I had neck surgery and there's a scar where tags hit it just right. I always have to cut the tags off, including all the thread holding them on...the thread is just as irritating!

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No Tags EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!



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@yellow919My last several Graver tops have been tagless, but I don't buy enough to say it's routine.  


I do dislike "crisp" tags on tops, but the tags that annoy me most have nothing much to do with comfort.  My greatest tag peeve would be the ones on scarves.  Tough to remove without damaging the scarf and always seem to be placed where it's next to impossible to conceal. 

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Hanes and LandsEnd ... 


No, you're not the only one.  I'd love to know who the genius was who decided that the labels should be sewn at the back of the neck.  


Probably the same "guy" who decided to put the bra strap adjustment sliders in the back.

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Some brands have switched over to labels that are sealed on the edges with heat.  Those are the worst.