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So I just tried on some of the tops I ordered (they're long sleeves).


Good grief!  I would have to be a monkey (not human) to have arms that these sleeves would fit.


The tops are XL and 1X.  I used to make my own clothes years ago when I worked so I know I don't have unusually short arms. 


They're just normal length.  Why in the name of Heaven are these sleeves this long?


Here's what I think.  The manufacturers save money by cutting the sleeves all one length rather than making them the length a normal ..... say XL person would have. 


It's my experience most people generally have the same (or withing 1 inch or so) sleeve length!


If you look at the models, they have much longer than normal length arms.  THAT'S why they fit the models.


Next time look at Katia.  Notice that sometimes rather than come all of the way down her arm what is supposed to be all of the way down the arm comes up short.


That's because she has very long arms and legs (like most of the models).  The only one who doesn't is the Petite model.


I watch a show that has all models on it.  They've talked about how important it is that their legs are extra long and their arms are extra long.


Most ordinary (which is what I am...ordinary, I like being ordinary and normal) people don't have long, long arms.


You know who's clothes always fit perfectly?  That would be Louis'.  I love the Linea line.


I just tried on one of this tops that were just delivered.  Perfect length for a size 1X, long sleeves.  



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Re: EXTRA LONG Sleeves!



I have this problem as well.  My arms are the same length now at a size L or XL as they were when I was in my 20's and a size 6!  I am 5'4", a fairly average height for women.


Sometimes going from a L to an XL for extra leeway in the hips results in sleeves that are inches longer than one size down in the L. 


Arms don't grow longer as you add a bit of weight in the middle......!


Linea fits me the best of any QVC brand, and I really haven't tried department stores in a long time as I am happy with what I can find in Linea.  Many times I do have to roll up sleeves a bit.

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Re: EXTRA LONG Sleeves!


I've noticed this on some sweaters in recent years. The arms are so long they cover most of the hand. You can see it on the models (online and in catalogues), and the models are tall to begin with.  


With sweaters at least, it seems to be a fashion statement, not just appealing to people with long arms. I'm hoping this idea will die out.






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Re: EXTRA LONG Sleeves!

I have short arms and a long torso.... hard combo to fit!

The length of the garment arm is always an issue, and I look for tops with 3/4 sleeves or no cuffs.


I learned in art school that the average woman's elbow comes to about her waist.  If the garment sleeves look long on the model, I know they are not for me!!


Forget those thumb hole type!!

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Re: EXTRA LONG Sleeves!

@author  Yes!  A great post.  You said it better than me.  I have a tendancy to go on and on.


I don't know why whomever decides these things thinks just because I have big hip, my arms are hanging below my knees.  One doesn't have anything to do with the other.


As you so beautifully said, I also have to get bigger for my hips (my belly is too big too), but my arm length has not grown.


Why is it Linea seems to understand this.  You should have seen the Bob Mackie top I tried on earlier!  I folded it back and out of curosity I measured the folded up part of the sleeve.  It was 2 1/2 inches folded over!


I put it back in the bag and it's going back tomorrow.  So now I have to pay $6.95 plus the extra $3 I just found out to send it back.  Let's add this up.  So it cost me $3 plus shipping, plus another $3 and $6.95 all because the sleeves were way, way too long!


Can you believe, there was a time when I actually would cut off the sleeves and hem them myself (I can do that because I have several sewing machines and know how to do it).  But I'm old now and don't want to bother.  Mostly though because the sleeve length keeps getting longer and longer.


I'm convinced it's because these sleeves are cut for all the same garments.  That way no one has sleeves that are too short.  I guess that's why?

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Re: EXTRA LONG Sleeves!

Opposite problem here. Most long sleeves come up too short on me (I’m 5’8”). Very annoying.

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Re: EXTRA LONG Sleeves!

@AnnabellethecatOur sweaters came in with unsually long sleeves that came to the end of my finger tips!  I've never bought petite--until now!!!Smiley Happy


Good grief!  I'm  5' 6" which isn't considered short!!!!  I would love to have @AmericanBulldogMom 's height!!!Smiley Happy

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Re: EXTRA LONG Sleeves!

I have the opposite problem.  I am 5'10" and have long arms and legs.  I have to have sleeves lengthened and if there is no extra fabric that is a problem.  I also do not like all the tunics and swing bottoms as I have nothing to hide.  

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Re: EXTRA LONG Sleeves!

One of my favorite brands, Free People is notorius for making the sleeves much too long. Most of their long sleeves seem to be so long that even tall women with long arms might consider them to be too long. 

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Re: EXTRA LONG Sleeves!

Might be a fashion statement