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On 2/15/2015 QVCfan1121 said:

I ordered them in black and was excited that the sole was also black to make for a good work shoe. They were just awful when I received them! First they are not black but an ugly grayish color, they were way wide and too large and the fabric was cheap and stiff. They went right back in the box and $6.95 to return them so 10 bucks to try on a pair of shoes. When will I learn. lol

What a disappointment as I have a gray pair from last year that are almost like a soft flannel fabric and I like them a lot.

At least one host presenting them did stress that they were really not a solid black, but they all should have done so if they didn't!

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I have a pair of the faux lined ones. I love them. I use them as house slippers.
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I tried on a pair of GoWalks in a Skechers store, but my normal size of 8 was too big and 7 1/2 was too small. I wish they would've worked for me b/c they were so comfy!
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got them from insider q before they aired and was so dissapointed you must order at least a size down and they make your feet sweat so badly if you really train in them you will hat them its for leisure only bad material choices for air circulation

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On 2/15/2015 taja123 said:

I had to send mine back. Never tried on such an ill fitting shoe. Floppy, sloppy, wide, heel sliding out and in my size and medium width.

I'm glad I didn't order. I liked the leopard and pink. The reviews seem to say too wide. I can't do wide shoes. I thought they were cute.

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I ordered the leopard half size down. They are super cute and comfy. No problems for me!
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I love Skechers, but I can't say that the fit is consistent. I have to try them on first before ordering or buying.

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Guess the go walks and me were just not meant to be. Tried two sizes. The 7.5 was too small/tight for my thicker foot. Heel slipped slightly. Tried the 7w and now the foot felt good but the heel would stay on. Way too wide. I guess I would have needed a 6.5 w maybe. Idk but I'm giving up. I recently got a slip on sneaker by sketchers at kohls for $44 in a 7 and they fit perfect. Kohls also sold the go walks cheaper than sketchers does.