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@Imaoldhippie wrote:

@Andreatoo ...........Katie on the Kitchen has almost the same exact jacket on this morning.


Who is that? Somebody on the food channel?

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Oh @Andreatoo I certainly love it!  Smiley Happy 

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Sorry.  Not for me.  Seems like a Chanel knock-off. 

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@Andreatoo ..............sorry yes she is on the food channel on the show, The Kitchen.  Her jacket had pockets and different buttons, but other than that it was exactly the same.

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too boxy

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Nice jacket - but would look odd on me ... just not my style.

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It's an odd jacket that seems to say, "There's something wrong here."

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I really like it.  I have it saved to my favorites.

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It doesn't look like something to cook in.  Katie in the kitchen?  I don't care for the jacket. 

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Except the style of wearing a tweedy 'dress' jacket with jeans is from a number of years ago but not quite long enough ago to be coming back into style.

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