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A year or so ago I ordered a pair and found they run small.

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On 9/3/2014 magicmoodz said:

Amp, thank you for the heads up on the Loft sweaters. This might sound silly, but I am not really a robe kind of person. So if I am wearing a cami and pajama bottoms, I like to have a sweater to use instead of a robe.

I was going to order this from Nordstrom, but first I will check out Lofts's offerings. Thanks again!

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You're welcome Magic! I get you on the cardis over the pj wear. I confess, to actually buying two of the same cardigan sometimes when I find one that I really like that is soft and comfy, because I like to have that second one to wear with my pjs too! I like to wear either pj bottoms and a cami or sleep tee and then throwing on a cardi or sweatshirt over that when it gets cool. I also get hot sometimes at night so it's nice to have layers I can peel off in the winter if I get overheated or the heat is up too high. I do sometimes wear cotton short gowns in the summer but that's just when it's too hot to wear pjs!

btw: That cardigan from Nordies is very cute!

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I have a pair of JBU on as we write. They are a slip on grey with pinkish trim. They are very comfortable and were my normal 8, although I have a narrow foot. I also bought a turquoise and dark grey for fall in the same size, also comfortable. I tried on a pair of sandals, and they were just ok. I buy mine at Macys on sale or with a coupon.