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I don’t like leather real or fake in clothing or furniture. Just never cared for it.

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@Annabellethecat66 wrote:

@Nonametoday  I understand how and why (and everything else) why they started selling fake leather.


Actually, during the 60's I had an entire black leather couch made out of the exact same thing.  It was amazing.  It looked exactly like the real leather couches I'm sitting in right now.  


We painted the room Chinese red (isn't it crazy the things we remember).  The furniture was all black.  Back then it was called 'naugahyde".


I'm all about choice.  I don't care the reasons why people choose one thing over another.  I'm happy there are lots of choices for everything.


My problem is (and always will be) when the choices are removed because those who want a particular choice to disappear are louder (get it....louder, not by majority) than those who wish to keep said choices.


But not to worry, so far.  We still have choices on most things....for now.


Just a short time ago today I bought a Louis Del'Olio jacket that was part I'm happy...We're all happy.



@Annabellethecat66   Annabelle, I totally agree with you but was answering your questions.  I had a Chinese red public area in the early 2000s and now it is wheat.  what?  Wheat?  Do I like it?  No, but potential buyers might.  My whole house save one bath is that color.  It's so bland anybody could imagine living with it or painting it.  I had a real leather sofa, recliner, two club chairs of varying colors of taupe and beige.  I gave them to my son with the real Persian rug of 60 years.  His dog pooped on the rug and they threw it out and the cats peed on the sofa.  Kids tore up the recliner within a week.  Oh, dear.  I do have 3 children who are more civilized and one who is as far civilized as that one is uncivilized.

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@Annabellethecat66  My MIL had black naugahyde (thanks for the correct spellling!) chairs in their family room when I met their family in the mid-1960's. I'd never heard of the term, but she was SO proud of them, I figured they must be something pretty special. My family never cared for the big, bulky recliner chairs and I didn't bother to sit in those chairs . . . ever. 


Those big black chairs were in a room done in black/white paisley wallpaper with medium-sized red beams across the ceiling. Red shag carpeting and black/white checkered drapes. It was horrible!

Several years later (after I married my husband), he made a comment about "those ugly chairs in that awful room" and I was so surprised! I hadn't paid enough attention to realize they were faux leather. We laughed about those chairs for years!


He was always so pleased my family had taught me how to buy quality furniture and decorate a home simply and tastefully to flow well throughout! My MIL loved to follow trends with each room a different color and style . . . and a lot of "stuff" (which I thought were dust collectors and well, junk).   


ETA: I do have a cognac leather sofa and a forest green Queen Anne leather chair in my family room. We bought them before my husband's death and laughed, again, about the naugahyde chairs his mom had purchased while he was in the Military.

We spent a lot of time in the black/white/red family room and have many wonderful memories in spite of the decorating! My in-laws were the best a girl could have wanted; I was so fortunate in that aspect. Probably why I didn't realize they had faux leather! I did not care.  

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A lot of people don't like to wear it because of discomfort.  But leather is becoming out of reach.  It has skyrocketed like gold.  They are becoming better looking, but comfort wise....a long way to go.   QVC has stopped with the all lamb leather, etc.  First they threw "mixed metal" at you. 75% knit, the rest real leather.  Now it's fake leather that makes you sweat like a pig. 

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@BirkiLady Yes, I have one picture of a cat I had at the time on that black couch.  The room was tiny and that's where we watched TV (which was small back in the 60's and early 70's).


So, in the first house we had we had shag carpeting put in.  Swear to you, it was baby blue.  OK, here's one for you, we got a plastic rake with it.  Yepper!  A big plastic rake for the carpet.  It was very expensive and very long.  If we didn't rake it, it would matt up!  The blue rug was not in the red room though.  Ha!  Can't remember what was on that floor!


I am bored to death with anything having to do with decorating.  Probably because I have absolutely no taste.  Ha!


My late husband was the decorator. He picked the stuff and I did the manual labor (painting, staining and wallpapering was my 'thing') I loved doing it and was pretty good at it.


All of the wood around the windows, etc and doors in my house are stained (I did it).  In the TV room there are wooden (real wood) venetian blinds that match the stain.


He designed the entire house and everything that went in it.


I shutter to think what I'll end up with when I sell this house.  It's huge (6 bedrooms, playroom, huge rec room, 3 1/2 baths and on and on).  I need to sell it but it's too much trouble.  Ha!  Besides I own it, so it's not a big deal.


I know several of you own your houses.  If you live in a house long enough you'll own it, right?  You just pay it off.  I'm to the point when I have to pay someone to do everything to it these days.  My late husband and I did everything back when we were young.  If he was alive, he'd still be doing stuff.


I know I'm not alone here.  It's nice nice to know other's understand this unwanted club we all belong to...


My best friend just joined about now 2 weeks ago.  Her husband won't be buried for 10 months because that's how long the wait is for Arlington National Cemetery!  Can you believe it?

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@Annabellethecat66  LOL!! Remember raking that carpet for my MIL before holiday celebrations now that you mention it. That was crazy! Her aging mother had difficulty walking through that carpet and refused to return. That was so sad to me. IIRC, the first level was olive green shag and the bedroom level was gold shag!


It was also the first home I'd ever really seen shag carpeting. Everyone we knew had wool carpeting or wood floors with beautiful large wool area rugs in their homes.


Our home loan was only for 15 years, but it was paid off in 12. I've been here over 30 years. Doesn't seem possible. I'm always having something updated or redone so it will be ready for resale if something happens and I need to sell (or rent) it quickly. My son is on the deed and would probably use it as a rental rather than have so much income in one year by selling it. He's smart about the income taxes involved and we've talked it over. I have sold my rental properties over the years and income taxes are painful. This is the only property left. 


Not surprised Arlington Cemetary has a long waiting list. I'm assuming her husband has been cremated? We had to wait a month for our entire family to make plans for mom's memorial service, so I simply had the Funeral Home hold her remains. But, it was a very long month for me and my little family in Lincoln for closure. My siblings weren't close (physically or emotionally) and it didn't bother them like it hurt our hearts.

I'm sorry your friend has to go through such a delay in the burial. Closure is so important in the grieving process. Glad she has you around to help her through such a lengthy time. 

Money screams; wealth whispers.
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I don't own any faux leather.  They use the word "faux" to make it sound better like it is environmentallhy safe. I want leather period.

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