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I didn't think I would like the show with Kathy but I think she is okay. She probably doesn't have much fashion knowledge but I think she tells the truth and I like that. I like Brad more than George so I am good with that change too. I always liked Giuliana but I think she is getting a little too full of herself. I do think she is always the best dressed on that show. I like Kelly but with that hair and the clothes she wears I don't think she should be judging anyone else's sense of style. With all of those negative comments, I still enjoy watching Fashion Police!:-)
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If I was a person who was in charge of an advertising budget I would bypass this show altogether.

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Not a fan anymore, its not the same.

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I only watched the show because Joan was on it. I don't have any interest in it now.

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I like the show alot. In my mind, Kathy has as much or more fashion knowledge as Kelly Osbourne. Kelly wears some really weird outfits in my opinion for someone who is a fashion critic? At least Kathy wears some great clothes. All in all, it is fun to watch.

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I've watched all of the shows so far. I enjoyed it much more with Joan. I'm really trying to enjoy Kathy. Brad is knowledgeable, but, I liked George. I also find some of Kelly's fashion choices questionable. Giuliana seems to have gotten too full of herself. Some of her comments are snarky, and, she obviously thinks she is hilarious. Sorry, no one will ever be able to fill Joan' s shoes!!!!!! Joan was the best and the epitome of red carpet style. Joan pioneered the red carpets into the events they have now become. No one has even come close to her style!!!!!
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I believe it will be on for the run of their season (whatever that is). I am enjoying the show. It's not as good as it was with Joan but life changes and Melissa is the Producer. I do believe that Guilanna has an eating disorder. She is beyond thin and it looks rather sick.

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You said what I felt. Kathy is just-forced? It may be her style, I haven't watched her . Seems like it just "drags on".{#emotions_dlg.huh}

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On 2/22/2015 Apple Head said:

Is the Fashion Police show airing on Monday after the Oscars the last one now until the Emmy's? I thought they were only doing them for the awards season.

Just wondering. I don't see why they can't continue through the year. There seems to be high profile events all year long.

I am trying to like the show since Joan is not on, but it's not easy. It's just not the same.

Totally agree with you. Its just not the same of course. They should can it.

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I really tried to like the show but it's just not fun to watch anymore. I think Kathy is trying to not to be offensive but unfortunately, that means she's just not funny. Plus I can't think of her as a fashion person. Kelly just acts dumb and silly now. The show is pretty much unwatchable for me. Let's face it, Joan WAS Fashion Police and the show should have ended when she passed on.