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Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...

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My favorite inspiration outfits this week from online browsing/shopping and from some of my favorite fashion bloggers. I couldn't (or wouldn't) necessarily wear any of these, but I like the way they've been styled or some particular component of the outfit. I might put an accessory on my shopping list. Maybe the outfit inspires me to put together something similar from my wardrobe or to try different color combinations. Sometimes, I just love the whole look. Thought I'd share and hope you enjoy...

As always, thank you so much for your comments on these threads. I read them all and especially enjoy reading why you like an outfit or why you don't and how you might tweak an outfit, or what individual pieces you like.


#2   Kool print mix

#3  Summer perfection!


#5  Interesting print...would prefer if the dress were unbuttoned and add a black tank (and pop the collah gf! 😁)

#6   Want this cropped top to wear with my dad jeans



#9 the jacket 

#10   Wish I could wear a heel...great summer shoe

#11  Second this print

#12   Suddenly, I'm all about prints 🙃...want this tote

#13  Click to view seven second MP4 clip of beautiful Ulla Johnson skirt and top 

#14   Click to view eight second MP4 clip of Ulla Johnson runway dress that I LOVE 

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, stylish week!



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Re: Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...

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1,3,4,5,11,12-I'll take them lol.

I love the bright oranges, the pretty teal greens, the interesting black and white long over shirt. I'll take that purse too-very pretty.

I do like the polka dot shirt in #2 also. 

Thanks as always @MacDuFF!

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Re: Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...



I LOVE ❤️ 3,4,6 & 9

I think my absolute favorite is the jacket in 9 too!  It looks so good paired with the distresssed jeans--Perfection!


Thanks so much for showing us these fantastic spring/summer pieces!💝🌸

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Re: Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...

#3 - very refreshing looking

#11 - that's me - just the look I adore!  

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Re: Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...

#9 the Chanel-like it!

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Re: Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...

Love this top!


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Re: Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...


My favorites this week:  

#6-The striped sweater with white pants is a winner.
#11-I love that printed blouse! It goes with everything: shorts, skirts, pants. This is what I want in my closet.

Have a great week.

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Re: Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...

@MacDuFF  Pic #1  What am I supposed to be looking at? confused.gif


I Heart every dress in your post.


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Re: Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...

Love the #14 Ulla Johnson orange print dress!!


The pretty pink blouse in #11 is so pretty and feminine.


The shoes and clutch in #8 are my favorite accessories.


I like the jacket in #9 but would prefer it a bit longer.


Great choices as always @MacDuFF 





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Re: Fashion Favorites 4/28/24...



Always look forward to your fashion threads.  I wish I had the nerve to wear an outfit like #2 above!!!  It makes me think CONFIDENCE.