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From Stan's Facebook page --


For everyone out there... as long as there is no hard news to bump the schedule... I am going to be featured in a segment on CBS Sunday Morning this Sunday. I had a lovely interview with the elegant and brilliant Alina Cho.... You will get a glimpse into my inner life.
There's no better way to celebrate my memoir during this, my 95th year
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Thanks for the heads-up.  I love Stan Herman. He is a special one of a kind man.



"In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart" Anne Frank
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@LindaLatte Stan is a wee little man with loads of creativity that has been blessed with good health!   Thanks for the heads up.

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Thanks for the heads up @ LindaLatte….I will definitely tune in to see Stan’s interview.
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Thanks for letting us know ~ I'm definitely going to watch this...

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Thank you for letting us know!  I'll be watching!❤️😃

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@LindaLatte Thanks for letting us know, I still have a robe of his from decades ago that I don't want to part with. He looks great for 95 years oldHeart

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I've bought his caftans love them ! can't get me out of them. LOL


will watch or tape. that's Jane Pauley isn't it ?