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@Zaimee - Your jumpsuit is a very cute summer jumpsuit.  Is it sleeveless?   You got a nice bargain for 16.00!   Thanks for sharing a picture.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Do you wear jumpsuits?

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@San Antonio Gal      Not sleeveless, but floaty cap sleeves.   Thx.


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Hi, @San Antonio Gal !  I love jumpsuits but sadly haven't worn them since bathroom access and speed has become a priority.  LOL

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@Zaimee That is such a great jumpsuit outfit on you! Perfect fit on your 5'2" height and such a fun print and cute color scheme  Smiley Happy  Maybe I'll luck out too someday and find a jumpsuit for my 4'11" height! 

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When I was several years younger, I owned and wore quite a few.  I used to really love them.  I never worried about the bathroom thing back then -- that wasn't an issue!  I thought they looked crisp, elegant and were so easy!  I had casual ones and dressy ones.  And you could change the accessories - shoes, jewelry, belts, jackets, etc. to make entirely different looks.  

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No, never been a fan.  They only look good on someone built like Guiliana Rancic.

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@sunshine 919 wrote:

@Zaimee wrote:

I only have one. Hard to find when you are under 5'2". 
Found this one at Marshall's for $16.00! No hemming! Added jacket for arm coverage.IMG_0207.jpeg

That is too cute and it fantastic on youSmiley Happy


Love it!  Looks great on you.  My jumpsuits are similar but in solid colors.  Soft and comfy.  


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I don't care for them for numerous reasons.  I don't like rompers either.

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I love jumpsuits and have a few--mostly for evening, but a denim one as well.

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I think they are cute...but do not own one, not sure I can pull that look off.


MANY years ago like in the early 70's my mom sewed a jumpsuit for my dad!  He loved it!