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I never catch Shawn on anymore, guess because she always works on the night programming now and I only have the Q on during the daytime.   I used to enjoy her, but she really changed after her unfortunate incident (which I know was heartbreaking) but I felt she really should not have been on air after that.  JMO.... And Isaac, I guess will be Isaac.

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I saw her in that dress and thought she looked very pretty, however, I am not close to having the body of Kerstin and that same dress would look awful on me!  She looked so angelic in pink!!

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Re: Did I misunderstand?

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It is not her job to offer her opinion about what she does not like, lace or otherwise. How do you say that in front of someone who provides so much of their line in lace? Bad misstep my dear.  Quite unprofessional. And then to literally turn around and the first item for sale was the asymmetrical lace top😳!?! How do you gush about the top after that faux pas?