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Re: Designer brands

Out of curiosity I did a Google search and found other similar jackets. Pricing was all over the place. I'll keep mine and be happy. The faux fabric is very nice on this one.

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Re: Designer brands

@PinkDogwood wrote:

Ms P - unless you're a gal who really gets hung up on someone's name on the label, I'd be buying for less regardless the name of the store.  This is how I shop most of the time.


A designer label certainly does not mean the garment is better, made better, comes from the good old US of A.  And if this doesn't bother you, go for the one that costs you less.  MANY designers' goods come from China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.  This makes these garments for me a dime a dozen then charging us here 3,5, 10 times as much for what - because they had to ship them from overseas?  I'm sorry but I will  not buy into this.  It's totally ridiculous in my pocketbook.


Is Bob Mackie's good strictly made un the USA?  I cannot say unless I check his wears here, perhaps they are - ALL of what he brings here to the Q.  Yes, they may be exclusive to the Q but where else do you buy his goods?  Unless you're a BM exclusive purchaser, then you did good for yourself despite finding the same style for less elsewhere.


His jacket wasn't even REAL suede!


Very few, if any, garments are made in the USA these days.  We don't even have the facilities for manufacturing them anymore.  I can guarantee if our clothing was made here it would cost considerably more, not less, than a garment made overseas.  It's the high labor costs here that drove manufactures to other countries.  It also doesn't mean the construction of a garment is inferior.  As in the U.S., there are are quality facilities and there are those that make junk.  Bob is lucky to have one that makes quality garments.


If the jacket had been suede, it would have doubled the price.

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