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If I wore denim jackets, I'd be interested in this one.  Good price, good reviews.



DG2 by Diane Gilman Classic Stretch Signature Denim Jacket - 20188148 | HSN

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@kaydee50  Good value. Diane's done denim her whole career ~ should be good.

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I wanted to buy that one but it doesn't come in petites. Sleeves would be too long on me and I'm not crazy about rolling up my sleeves when they're too long.

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Too basic for me. Time & tru jackets at Walmart are nice for like 20 or so.

I have 100.00 ones, but, Walmart has nice ones too.

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I have 2 DG denim jackets from about 3 years ago...they are the best I have ever purchased!

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I have not seen the Time and Tru denim jackets but I love that brand's jeggings. I buy one size uo so they fit looser and have lived in them for the past 2 years. I prob have 6 pair and will pick up an olive and burgundy soon for this year. They hold their shape and no baggy knees. Highly recommend. The online photo shows them fitting skin tight like leggings, but they don't, especially if you go up a size.

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I'd go for this jacket but according to the reviews, the buttons are a shiny plastic.  I know that would be a 'no-can-do' in person,  If that's not a distraction, DG does nice jackets.