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Pearley, I agree completely with you - so light and comfortable - yet will give me the warmth I will need once the cold (which I love) arrives.

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Ordered two kept one, also returned the "wrap top" which once I figured out how to wear it I did not find it flattering

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I love my Cuddl Duds tsv- I got the animal print and dont see pet fur on it at all! I have 3 cats ....


I even went to Kohls and bought another- with their sales and coupons it turned out to cost a little less than the tsv! Heart

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@PINKdogWOOD wrote:

Sorry ladies - mine finally showed up yesterday.  I'm returning them both today.  I didn't like the plaid one and the lighter blue was not at all the color is was on tv.  They felt heavy, like a blanket wrapped around me. 


The sewing was very bad - strings galore hanging everywhere.  Yeah I could cut them off but I don't expect new garments to show up at my door or in B&M stores like this.  And when the front flopped over it turned inside out and you can clearly see the hem lines.  Didn't like the hood either - just way too much fabric all over.


No, there were not for me.

I share the same opinion too.  I ordered the L/XL and it swallowed me.  There were strings hanging everywhere on mine too and it felt like I was wearing a blanket.  Mine went back.

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I love it and wished I had gotten more than one.  I like that it has a pocket also and that the sleeve fits nicely on me and also like the hood  I would wear this out and about and throw a belt on with it.  I think it is soft and cozy. Not heavy at all.


In fact I am going to go find a nice belt to use with it.