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I just recently ordered to Jean jackets from Lori and had the same problem with the smell then went back to absolute next day

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I’ve had clothing and other items that had an odor but nothing in the “horrible category“. There are some people who are very very sensitive to odors. And there are people on the other end who don’t smell anything ever, and then there are all of us in the middle that just simply don’t have that problem.

I have been buying from QVC forever and I don’t think I’ve ever had anything that I would term so smelly that I would send it back.

Usually a wash does the trick or just a few days out of the packaging.

I think the only thing I can remember ever having an odor that lasted more than a couple of days was a plastic shower curtain so I ended up taking it outside but after a couple of days it was fine.

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Re: Clothes That Smell

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EASY solution - BUY clothing in brick and mortor stores where you can smell the item.


The ONLY store I've ordered on line from is LUCKY BRAND. NOTHING I bought had a horrible smell.

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We bought a memory foam bed from Bobs that offgased and it was awful, it set muu asthma off, we were veryy happy we could return it

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@Aussie Lover 


Yes, I am very familiar with out gassing!  We have had 2 houses built and the first few weeks in both were miserable due to all the new things out gassing, especially carpeting.  Our current home has mostly hardwood floors on the main level where we spend most of our time.  The upstairs has a couple rooms that are carpeted.  That carpeting smelled horrible when we first moved in and I had a headache until the smell went away.  It's too bad items can't be aired out prior to being installed!   

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Last autumn I broke my personal policy not to buy any garments from QVC. The MukLuks, Earbags, other small items are fine.


But the one bigger true garment I ordered absolutely stinks!!! and after washing & airing outside at least 250 breezy hours now I still haven't worn it...because it STINKS!!!


There's no way I'd wear that anywhere. Even if I could tolerate the way it smelled, I'd be mortified to be within smelling distance of anything with a nose.

 And, did I mention, it stinks!

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Yes, its true that some of us, i think the ladies who posted on this thread have sensitve noses.


I air things out and hang clothes in the basement or outside. I once put out an egg crate for a couple of days in the back yard to air out the latex or plastic smell and the odor went away being in the sun and in fresh air. 

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the things I notice with that awful smell are black jeans whether they are denim or twill---I ALWAYS smell them first and is the reason I never buy them online. DG jeans are horrible as are some D&C. 

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I once got jeans from Old Navy that smelled like they were doused in gasoline. It was quite shocking.  I wonder what DID happen to creat that smell?

Anothe time I got a handbag from HSN and it smelled like dead fish months after purchasing it.  I thought it would fade. Fortunately they let me return it beyond the 30 days.   It is so offputting to receive super stanky items.  You wonder where these things have been and what they've been in contact with to smell so bad.  

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@butterfly123 wrote:


I return clothing from online stores frequently due to the smell. 


I cannot shop the laundry detergent/cleaning supplies/ paper items aisles in stores due to the overwhelming scents added to products.


May I ask what brands of clothing you purchase that are 





I also have a problem in the detergent aisles.  Or near the perfume counter.  Sometimes even getting near someone with strong hair products gets me.  


I’ve never had an odor problem with anything from Land’s End or L.L. Bean. Even dark colored jeans.  


On QVC I have gotten Isaac’s tee shirts with no problems and a couple of “24/7” pants.  Bob Mackie has bold colors and I’ve never had an odor problem with anything from his line.  Denim is tricky here at the Q, I’ve found.  It depends on the designer whether or not there is a smell.  I will not buy Denim & Co. because I had some problems in the past with smell.  (For the same reason, I don’t buy any clothes at Walmart.)  Barefoot Dreams is good, but the material is different.  Just ordered Aran Craft wool sweaters; I have several of them.  Skechers shoes seem to be okay for me even though they have a lot of material in them that could pose a problem.


I tend to dress quite conservatively and I’m trying to buy less, so that’s about all I can think of right now.  Good luck in your quest!