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Check out this skirt (G.I.L.I.)

I'm still not adjusted to time change and was up late last night and saw some of the G.I.L.I. show.


One of the items was a wrap skirt ... really unfortunate choice of fabrics for the two prints.  Both the video and the "catalog" shots show the problem.


For both prints - the wrong side of the fabric shows through the wearers legs and it just looks awful.  I really wonder about some of these people who "design" clothing ... do they actually look at the finished product?


No problem with the solid colors.  



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Re: Check out this skirt (G.I.L.I.)


I was watching with you!😏 but I kept nodding off! LOL

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Re: Check out this skirt (G.I.L.I.)

agree  do noy know what happened to the GILI line

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Re: Check out this skirt (G.I.L.I.)

@ALRATIBA , I agree with your assessment as it relates to the inside of the fabric being seen via a garment’s design.  This is one of the reasons I hate printed fabrics - in asymmetric designs, the wrong side will show.  Also a problem with printed designs on stretchy fabrics is that the design will stretch and show the base color of the garment through the print.

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Re: Check out this skirt (G.I.L.I.)

@ALRATIBA  Yes, it looks horrible.  I doubt that Jill has any kind of design background.  Frankly, I am sick on the high/low hems in tops and skirts.  Who came up with this silly idea?  It never looked good to me.

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