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Burburry have been pushing a line of charms made out of pave crystals to hang on your purse or other places.  Cute but way overpriced. But it is Burberry after all.  


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Was in a Brighton store ( Head over Heels ) earlier this week and they had a small display with purse hanging charms half-price.

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Just do not get this.  Little GD loads up her backpack, I do not think this a grownup thiing.

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Remember the Kathy Van Zeeland bags? They were really loaded with tons of charms. They were all the rage several years ago. I never liked them. 


I don’t like a heavy bag so charms are not something I want on my handbag. If I buy a bag with a decorative charm, tassel, etc. on it, I usually end up removing it if it can be detached.