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I recently had a fitting at Dillards and was told I wear a C cup. The fitter measured over my Ahh bra, pulled the tape tight after telling me I was already wearing a tight bra....funny since I had just tried on a Wacoal in a DD cup that fit perfectly....She also measured my band size high on my chest under my arms. I gave up and left at that point. I may try again later, but I know that a C cup does not work on me.
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Go to a lingerie shop that specializes in mastectomy fittings and a wide range of sizes. Think land beyond A-B-C-D-DD. A competent shop recognizes and is aware of stock from AAA cups to L and M cups, and can also do alterations as needed. Avoid VS like the plague. Also, NO outlet shops. I had no luck with Nordstrom's. They kept telling me I needed a bigger band size. The too-loose band wasn't the problem, the undersized cups were. I go to a local specialty shop that has been in business for 30-50 years, and changed owners only once, when the original couple retired.
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I procrastinated doing this for years, but went at the end of last year. I had mine done at Nordstrom. I didn't make an appointment, I just showed up. I didn't believe the size (much smaller than I was wearing) so I went to a different Nordstrom the next day. She measured me the same as the other Nordstrom store (I didn't tell her what their measurement was).

I felt that the bra they put me in was really tight, but she told me the one I'd been wearing was way too loose and giving me no support. So, I bought the style she recommended. She was right. Terrific bra and I look SOOOOOOOOO much better with a correctly fitted bra.

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I went last year. She measured me with my bra on but put the tape high under my armpits. It was so tight I told her that it wasn't going to fit. You don't measure that way. You measure around the cups and around your chest. I still don't have a good fitting bra.

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I think it is worth saying, that although other stores than Nordstrom's say they have certified fitters, if they don't carry a size, they'll tell you that you are a size they carry. Nordstroms is the only store I've been to that carries all the sizes and good European bras. When I first went, I was wearing a 40 DD. I was actually a 36G. It wasn't my body that was my prob, but the actual breast size. They had the bras, I bought them and wow what a diff. Then I realized how big they were and got a reduction! Back to Nordie's for another excellent fit. They also teach you about how the bra should fit you, at least at my Nordie's. It has made bra shopping so much easier online or at another store. They used a fitting bra all the times I've gone.
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I have been twice, a couple of years ago, and last summer (after having lost a significant amount of weight).

I am very glad I went, both times. I am large busted, and the fitter took time to measure and ask me questions (like are you comfortable with an underwire, are you looking for anything special, strapless, t-shirt, etc). She brought a number of different styles, sizes and price ranges.

I have never had bras fit so well. And, although it seems obvious, instead of the band doing the work, my straps were, and my shoulders sagged. Now, although my bra is much tighter in the band, my shoulders feel much better and my girls are up where they belong. So, yes, I notice a difference in how my clothes fit (and the store I went to is the one that says that in their ads).

I had been wearing a 40DDD (before my weigh loss) because I needed the larger cups, I found nirvana with a 36HH (it's my breast that are large, not my rib cage), and now that I have lost weight, a 34HH.

I highly recommend it.


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They do all measure different, I don't care where you go. And you still have to end up trying on a good 7-10 bras (sometimes more) anyhow to find one that actually fits great. It's a horrible, time consuming thing.

I've never scheduled an appointment. I just request a fitting when I go in.

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I've had it done at Nordstrom. And I think it's good to just go in and have someone measure you in the correct way every once in a while, say, every few years. Between having children, weight gain, weight loss, etc., I was buying a size that I was stuck in my mind from years prior. Yes, for me it's all about comfort, too. But it's nice to have an outside opinion on what size one SHOULD be wearing. Then you have more of a ballpark estimation of what size you *generally* should buy.

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Well, in a pinch, you can always google "bra size calculator" and enter your personal measurements to get a running start.

Of course, it's likely each calculator may have a different opinion about your actual size ... just like the fitters in the stores! {#emotions_dlg.unsure}

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Got fitted at Von Maur. Total waste of time.