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Hi all!  While it took me far longer to get this task done than I expected, I finally got to the Soma store and had a proper fitting and tried on many bra styles!  I was only one cup size off according to their calculations.


The associate was very kind and helpful, she did the measure and brought me a dozen different styles to try on.  I ended up choosing the first one I tried.  It's the Vanishing Back bra and it is very comfortable!


I was impressed with the vast range of sizes, styles, and colors they had available.  Sometimes when you get into the bigger sizes (me) you end up with the plain old, ho hum nude, black, and white.  Not at Soma.


They also had a very well stocked clearance rack with all sizes available there too, and I ended up purchasing a new sports bra for a very modest $20! 


Glad I made the trip Woman Happy

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I HATE bras but I do wear them.  I am very fond of Jockey with no fasteners (wires or clips).  This bra is the first comfort bra that actually holds you up.  I have not worn a regular bra in 2 years.  I got in my current habit when I had surgery 2 years ago and I just wanted to be comfortable but lifted.  I usually forget I am wearing it.  I purchased at Kohl's during a sale.  Cat Tongue

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