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Zoey modeling the daisy dress Jonah crocheted. Jonah received a blue ribbon at the fair for this dress he crocheted.









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That dress is adorable, he is a talented guy !

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Wow, beautiful craftsmanship and showcases his skills.

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WOW!  That dress is adorable!  The stitches are perfect. Very impressive!

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@Iwantcoffee Thank you for posting this, it made me smile. That dress is beautiful, he's very talented 

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Aww, what a talented and precious little fellow he is!

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That is so sweet, so talented!

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@Iwantcoffee Talented and artistic, perhaps our next Bob Mackie or Anthony!   She made for a cute model to display his talents.

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@Iwantcoffee   How cute! He is a very talented young man. I've never seen a young boy have enough patience to sit still to create

something like that. He may have a future as a great clothing designer.



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This is just the cutest thing!