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Of course it's her birthday today, she turns 99🌹


This picture looks like very glamorous 1950's fashion.  She was the host of her own variety show, The Betty White Show. 


image (2).jpeg



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No wonder she’s so lovely today.  I don’t remember her in her youngest years, but she’s been a favorite of mine for decades.

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She looks very pretty. The dress is gorgeous.

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Very nice. The long gloves I always like. 

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God Bless Betty White and I hope she is in good health.  My Aunt is right behiind her at 98.

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There is a wonderful spread in People that comes up on my apple news.  Lots of photos.

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Very beautiful.............I ran across something a couple of days ago, stating that long gloves are making a come-back. 


I always loved the look.  Especially a 'little black sleeveless dress' worn with long, above elbow gloves.  Very chic.

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At a local casino, on the entry into the ladies room, there's a wall-sized framed portrait of Betty White from the early 50's very similar to this one.  I don't know why the casino decorators chose a portrait of Betty.... it's interesting.  She was a beautiful woman back then, and still is beautiful inside and out today.


Happy Birthday, Betty Heart

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Thanks for posting this!  How beautiful she looks! And that dress --- oh, my goodness -- it's amazing!  I am totally in love with it!  

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