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I turned her on yesterday and although she seems very nice I can only listen for a while.  It was too much.   A lot of times I have Qvc on with the volumn off and am reading and just glance up and watch what might interest me.  Jane seemed almost overwhelmed by her. 


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when she first came out with her line, i really thought she'd be too much for me too. turns out i enjoy her shows and find her amusing. though her clothes are not my type, i still find some of them pretty and i watch because i like her. i don't think any vendor overwhelms jane. jane is high energy herself and can take anyone. 



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I find Kim to be the most refreshing vendor I've seen on QVC in quite a while. Love her energy.

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I had not watched any of Kim's shows in the past but I did yesterday when she & Jane T were on.  Kim is a bit loud but it was a fun show. Kim seems to be very down to earth, you can tell she loves what she does. Her designs are nice too, I did buy a pr of her leggings on easy pay to try. Excited to get them, I'll see what I think, how they fit, feel, look.

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kim is really good vendor..

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I love Kim's enthusiasm and lust for life.  She is real and no phony phrases like "looks like money" "monied" and all the other tacky phrases and pretentious attitudes.  She is what she is and is comfortable with herself and her figure.  I find her warm and funny and totally refreshing.  

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She is just too much for me, her performance is embarrassing .  We all can't like everyone, and I'm glad that she has found an audience, I just can't .

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I agree, indoor kitty! Makes me change the channel!
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When someone is selling me clothing I want them to have style. Kim showed up with a white jean jacket that was pulling in the arms, would not close and it was far too short for her body type. I turned it off immediately.


The exaggerated drawl didn't help matters either....

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I think Kim is a breath of fresh air and as funny as can be.  I don't get to watch Q all the time but if I happen to be working from home, sometimes I have Q on in the background.  That was the case yesterday when her show was on and I thought she was hysterical!!!!  I'm not suggesting that she is anything like Joan Rivers but with Joan gone its nice to have another funny lady.