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I enjoy watching Kim make the stuffier hosts a little uncomfortable. Jane seemed to be having a good time for the part of the show I saw.

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She seems like such a good egg, I don't really mind if she sometimes goes over the top a bit.  It's all good fun.  Nice lady!

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She comes off as totally phony to me....much like Lisa Rinna.  

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

She comes off as totally phony to me....much like Lisa Rinna.  

Funny! I like 'em both. 😉

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Kim is very high energy! I can't think of one host she would not overwhelm.

When I'm shopping, I don't care much for a motivational speaker.

About her product, I purchased a pair of her jeans and returned them. They reminded me of DG2 jeans, which are rubbery and prone to slide down your body.

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I like Kim, too!  She's comfortable with herself, and I like that about her.  She makes me laugh out loud quite often...nothing boring or rehearsed with that woman! 


Reminds me of the days I used to watch Jeanne Bice with Quacker Factory.  I hardly ever bought any Quacker clothes, but I loved to listen to Jeanne!