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by Caslon.  Cotton and modal on sale $11.25 @ Nordstrom.  Also comes in black.  Item #1172242.


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I must be lopsided because that style never fits me well.


It always buckles up and looks like that guy on the commercial where his shirt is stretched out at the neck.

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Not my favorite neckline either. Wish it were higher, then I would jump on it!

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I prefer crew neck.
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thank you for the "heads up!"


the model looks great in that tee!


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@Katcat1  I've been looking for a T-Shirt like that. Thanks for posting.

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@Katcat1 Love that color.  Nice shirt!

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Love the color and the neckline. Do not like modal on me. 

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Re: Ballet Neck Tee Shirt

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You need to have shoulders to carry this off. On me, it would be slipping off mine and/or my bra straps would be showing. Love the elbow sleeves though!

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Re: Ballet Neck Tee Shirt

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